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Just as many portals and journalists enthusiastically praised the new Search Engine Console application, many users were excited about new functions and improvements. However, it turns out that Google simply packaged its old tool into a PWA (Progressive Web App), leaving many disappointed.

Google Search Console Testing Android App
Google Search Console Testing Android App

This move caused a wave of indignation and disappointment among users who expected something more innovative and useful. Instead of offering long-awaited improvements and new features, Google simply repackaged the old, ignoring the expectations and needs of its users.

This trick raises questions about Google’s fairness and transparency towards its users. Instead of investing in developing new tools, the company has chosen to refurbish the old ones, raising questions about its commitment to providing quality services.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are websites or web applications that provide a range of features found in traditional apps, such as: B. offline functionality, notifications and access to device hardware features, but are still accessible via regular web browsers. This approach allows you to create more flexible and mobile applications that are easy to scale and update.

Step-by-step instructions

To add a PWA application of your favorite website or service to your phone’s home screen:

Step-by-step instructions how to add a PWA application of your favorite website or service to your phone's home screen

Open Chrome: Open the Google Chrome browser on your device.
Go to a PWA website: Go to a website that offers a PWA. If a website supports PWA, you will usually be asked to install the app on your device.

Find the “Install” or “Add to Home Screen” option: An icon should appear in the top right corner of the address bar that will allow you to install the PWA. Click on this icon.

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Confirm Installation: A pop-up window will appear asking you to install the application on your home screen. Click Install or Add.

Wait for the installation to complete: After clicking the Install button, the PWA app will download to your home screen.

Customize the app (optional): After you install the PWA on your home screen, you can open it and customize it to your liking.

Editor’s block – Author’s comment

Journalists, bloggers and portals play an important role in disseminating information, but with the growth of online media we are seeing an increase in cases of inadequate fact-checking. This can lead to the spread of false or distorted information, which has a negative impact on society and trust in the media. It is therefore important that journalists and bloggers maintain a high level of professionalism and accuracy in their work and actively check sources and facts before publishing. Ultimately, only careful verification of the information can ensure the reliability and quality of the materials provided.

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